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Hey everyone! You can just call me Yoshinx, or Yosh, Shinx, or Spike. Whatever people call me these days. I'm just your average artist and roleplayer here. I'm currently a senior in college and I'm expected to graduate at the end of 2015 so yay /o/. Anyway, I'm mostly an anthro Pokemon artist which is pretty much 90% of my gallery. I absolutely love video games if you couldn't tell! I am also an avid roleplayer, though I prefer to only RP with friends. So yeah that's pretty much everything!

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PKMN Armonia App: Colin by Yoshinx Colin the Litleo- Male- Impish- 14
PKMN Armonia App- Blake Pyrolt by Yoshinx Blake the Raichu- Male- Rash- 20
PKMN Armonia: Malcolm Briggs App by Yoshinx Malcolm the Cubchoo- Male- Timid- 15
PKMN Armonia App: Lucas Kensington by Yoshinx Lucas the Luxio- Male- Quirky- 16
PKMN Armonia: Spencer Crowe by Yoshinx Spencer the Zorua- Male- Docile- 13

St Mortiel
St Mortiel: Mathias Iverson by Yoshinx Mathias the Quilava- Male- Jolly- 15

Camp Clement
Camp Clement: Nolan Martinet by Yoshinx Nolan the Pancham- Male- Modest- 11

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(If I do not get a reply in 4 weeks, I will drop it from my priorities. If a response shows up, I will pick it back up if I have free space.)

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Okay so we've had the final presentation from Sakurai today and HOOOOOLY SHIT!

At first, I was disappointed. As someone who is not into Fire Emblem, I was rather disappointed to see /ANOTHER/ representative from the game's series. On top of that, another sword fighter. Corrin joins Smash and I was like "Who the fuck is this!? Another sword fighter!?" He/She does have dragon based powers to at least mix it up a little. Not a strong start to me.

Move onto Cloud and I'm just like yaaaaawn. I don't care about Cloud, or Final Fantasy. That stage was really cool though, especially with its summons.

Move onto Mii costumes. Geno is finally in the game in some form and its also great to see Tails and Knuckles get their own costumes. Ashley's costume was another nice addition, so we can play as Ashley kinda!

THEN WE MOVE ONTO THE BIG ONE! The ballot winner. At first I thought we were gonna get Hades, since I imagined he was kind of a popular choice to add to Smash. It was focusing on Pit and Palutena, so that made me suspicious of Hades. THIS PART MADE EVERYTHING WORTH IT! The second I heard that voice and realized who it was, I FLIPPED...ITS BAYONETTA! OH MY FUCKING GOD BAYONETTA! THE ONE FIGHTER I HAVE WAITED FOR! THE BADASS FANSERVICE-Y UMBRA WITCH IS HERE! Her hair weaves, witch time, demon summons, and bullet arts are something I thought would make for a very interesting play style AND IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! Bayonetta seems so awesome to play as in Smash! JUST OMFG!  THIS MADE THE WAIT WORTH IT!

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Zephyrlin Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015
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Finished your PKMNSkies Avi-
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Yoshinx Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yeeee they're so cute! I already changed my icon to the one you made :D
Shinobi-Kitty Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Student General Artist
I noticed :D I'm always excited to see things I made get used :3
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I normally give llamas for those who fav my stuf but I can't give you more llamas so I give you a thanks
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