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Hey everyone! You can just call me Yoshinx, or Yosh, Shinx, or Spike. Whatever people call me these days. I'm just your average artist and roleplayer here. I'm currently a senior in college and I'm expected to graduate at the end of 2015 so yay /o/. Anyway, I'm mostly an anthro Pokemon artist which is pretty much 90% of my gallery. I absolutely love video games if you couldn't tell! I am also an avid roleplayer, though I prefer to only RP with friends. So yeah that's pretty much everything!

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Its been exactly one month since we witness the grand finale in The Legend of Korra and what an exciting ride it was! Byrke did a FANTASTIC job with the series and I couldn't be happier with the note it ended on KORRASAMI!!!! With the series over, I thought I'd do a list of my top 10 favorite episodes on The Legend of Korra! It was actually very tough to do since there are TONS of great episodes, even tougher to do one for the worst episodes actually. So anyway here's my list for my top 10 favorite episodes of The Legend of Korra. Be warned: HEAVY SPOILERS!

#10: Original Airbenders. Book 3, Chapter 7
"You think you can kidnap Jinora and all these baby bisons!?"


 This was mostly a filler episode, but none the less, an awesome filler episode. Taking a break from Team Avatar in Zaofu, in this episode, we watched as Tenzin begun his training with all the new Airbenders at the Northern Air Temple. This episode was full of hilarious antics as Tenzin became drill sgt nasty after taking the words of his brother Bumi too seriously. This episode also gave spotlight to one of my favorite new characters in Book 3, Kai.  There were loads of nice moments between Kai and Jinora and I'm so happy that these two became a canon couple by Book 4. It helped establish the good side to Kai as we witness him become more chivalrous and thoughtful. This ALSO brought up the question of Jinora and her mastery tattoos so its not ENTIRELY filler because a major plot point was brought up. Aside from the humor and Kainora moments, we did get a nice fight scene as Bumi took charge and led the new Air Nation in an attack against bison rustlers to save Kai and Jinora. It shown the true start of a recovering nation, something Aang could only dream of. Just everything about this episode would mean the world to Aang. Also I just wanna point out I LOVE how after this episode, people on Tumblr were SCREAMING for the Earth Queen's blood after we heard Hou-Ting supposedly ate her father's pet bear Bosco #JusticeForBosco

#9. Beyond the Wilds. Book 4, Chapter 9
"You're wrong. That poison should have killed you, but you were able to fight it off. You think your power has limits. I say, its limtless."

Its time things really started to get serious after two more laid back episodes(one being rather infamous thanks to Nick's bullshit decision to cut Byrke's budget). Word has finally gotten to Republic City of Kuvira's dangerous spirit weapon and its really time to buckle down and prepare for Kuvira. This episode had a lot going on as the spirit vines began kidnapping people, including the hipster Airbender Ryuu from Book 3 and even Jinora. We had a full Team Avatar reunion, we had Varrick and Asami teaming up, we had Bolin trying to reconcile with Opal, and we even got to see more of Zuko's daughter, Fire Lord Izumi. This episode helped Korra mostly though in making a seemingly full recovery from the events of Book 3 as she finally accepted what happened and moved on. All thanks to what? ZAHEER! This episode had an amazing emotional scene as Korra met with Zaheer again. Surprisingly, Zaheer helped guide Korra into the spirit world and recover from her block. It was so great to see Korra feeling like herself again and knowing she was now ready for Kuvira. While I wish we could have had episode 8 dedicated to more of her spiritual journey and recovery, this was still a fantastic episode with a great conclusion.

#8. Long Live The Queen. Book 3, Chapter 10
"You think freedom is something that you can give or take on a whim. To your people, freedom is just as essential as...Air. Without it, there is no life. There is only...Darkness"

Ah the 10th episode. Most fans know the 10th episode in a season is notorious for being shocking and this one certainly delivered. We have Bolin and Mako captured by the Red Lotus, while Korra and Asami are on their way to Earth Queen Hou Ting. Things started out a little slow, though we DID get some hilarious chit chat between Bolin, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua at the very start. Mingzan anyone? The things that made this episode stand out to me were two things. For one, we got to see how much of a great team Korra and Asami make together. I loved their trials in the desert with the ship's crew. The spotlight though was taken by Zaheer as he did what MANY people were speculating...And some wanted to happen after we heard Hou-Ting ate her father's pet bear Bosco. The Red Lotus and Zaheer completely stole the spotlight as they wiped the floor with the Dai Li and left Hou-Ting all on her own. This is where Zaheer flat out MURDERED the queen in a way everyone has been speculating could be done for years. We watched in that shocking and somewhat satisfying moment as Zaheer took the air from the queen's lungs and suffocated her to death as he delivered a dark monologue. This moment and the fall of Ba Sing Se showed us that the Red Lotus was not fucking around. They were a real threat and we knew it. An amazing episode thanks to the Red Lotus. Honorable mention to Mako and Bolin.

#7. A New Spiritual Age. Book 2, Chapter 10
"Even in the material world, you will find that if you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you look for the dark...That is all you will ever see..."

This episode not only furthered the fan theory that we should never trust the 10th episode, but brought back one of the most amazing characters from The Last Airbender. This episode followed Korra and Jinora as they set out to close the northern portal so Harmonic Convergence couldn't occur and Vaatu couldn't be freed. The visuals were just stunning through the episode and it was full of fan service that I LOVED. Not only did we witness Jinora meet Wan Shi Tong from Book 2 in The Last Airbender, but we met another character from that series. We saw Korra turn into her younger self in a rather dark forest as she bonded with a small injured dragon-bird. I was worried...UNTIL....I started to hear footsteps and an approaching light. I was like "Oh shit..Now what 0_0" But I was wrong to be worried....IT WAS IROH! GENERAL IROH FROM AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER! I was spazzing out so much I was THANKFUL my weird and creepy roommate I had back then wasn't there. EVERYTHING about Iroh in this episode just made me smile. Seeing him pass on his wisdom to Korra and briniging light to a rather dark section was just amazing. Of course though, it didn't last long as we saw Jinora captured by the incredibly boring and unpopular Unalaq. The episode ended on a very grim note that added more weight to the finale. Just...What an episode!

#6. Out of The Past. Book 1, Episode 9
"I...Am the solution!"

Carrying off where the last episode ended, Korra was captured by Tarrlok and put into a prison. This though led to some amazing story telling and an awesome attempt to rescue Korra, led by Lin Beifong. Korra managed to FINALLY connect to Aang as he told her the story of Yakone, piecing together all those flashbacks we saw in previous episodes. The story telling was fantastic and learning what happened to our favorite characters made my day. Sokka seriously became the chairman of the council! That just made me happy, knowing he had trouble with public speaking. While we learned that Tarrlok was related to Yakone, we saw an awesome rescue mission with Lin, Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Tenzin. These parts were quite exciting to watch as they fought their way through an Equalist factory, only to learn Korra was kidnapped by Tarrlok. When Korra finally figured out the truth about Tarrlok, we got an AMAZING moment as justice was served by none of the than AMON. I loved watching him take away Tarrlok's bending and I was heavily speculating this would happen. It was quite satisfying in the end. Korra escapes, Mako takes care of her, and we get a nice bit of Greatest Change playing in the background as the episode ends on a comforting note.

#5. The Ultimatum. Book 3, Episode 11
"As long as I'm breathing, its not over."

This episode was a huge heart attack to the fandom. Here as we watch Bolin and Mako escape with their family from a burning Ba Sing Se, we're wondering....What did Zaheer tell them to tell Korra? We learn once they reunite with Korra that he's off to attack the Northern Air Temple and he'll destroy the new Air Nation, unless Korra turns herself over. It was a very dire set up as we watched Korra and co frantically try to contact Tenzin and warn him of the attack. Out of this though, we did get a very nice moment as Iroh appeared again and Korra got some very nice interaction with Zuko "Wait...You spoke with my uncle!?". When they finally got through...All hell broke loose. We watched as all the Airbenders were taken captive and I LEGIT felt scared. This is where Tenzin really stood out though as he FOUGHT NEARLY TO THE LAST BREATH TO PROTECT KORRA!  We witnessed some of the most amazing choreography of fight scenes as Tenzin kicked Zaheer's ass in the first air on air duel, Kya fend off against Ming-Hua, Bumi fight Ghazan, and even Kai as he heroically fought against all odds to save his fellow Airbenders fiom P'Li. It was such a stand out episode for these four characters, though soon, one heart attack after another happened....Kai was blasted out of the sky(Jinora's tears just made this worse), Bumi and Kya were knocked off the temple, and we watched as Tenzin was cornered. I was led to believe Tenzin WAS GOING TO BE KILLED. I was horrified when Tenzin told Zaheer it was not over because I thought Zaheer was gonna pull another Earth Queen on him. I was thinking the whole week OMG IS TENZIN ALIVE!?!? Everything this episode did though made it stand out to me. This really set the grounds for the finale and I will forever remember this episode.

#4. Beginnings 1 and 2: Book 2, Chapter 7 and 8
"We are bonded forever."

The origin story we all waited for with AMAZING acting from Walking Dead star Steven Yuen as Wan, the very first Avatar. Presenting us with beautiful art style and amazing story telling, these episodes told us the story of how Wan became the first Avatar and gave us an intimidating threat bigger than Unalaq to look forward to. We watched how he learned to survive with the spirits and how he mastered the four elements with the help of the light spirit Raava. The story was fantastic and I really felt like I wanted to see more of Wan. He was so well written that some people found him more exciting than Korra. This was the origin story the Avatar deserved and because of the fantastic story telling, amazing acting, epic battles, and the impressive visuals, it deserves to be really high on this list.

#3. Korra Alone. Book 4, Chapter 2
"Nice to see you again, Twinkle Toes!"

This is another episode that just shows how skilled Byrke and the Avatar team is at telling a story. This episode showed us the struggles Korra faced and they felt real. She was crippled after her battle with Zaheer and she frequently had nightmares even. We watched as she went on a powerful emotional journey, even opting to trade away her identity as The Avatar. So many amazing scenes came from this episode, even including a moving moment between Korra and Katara. Her spiritual journey was well documented and we watched as she frequently was haunted by visions of her past self, or the fear she felt. Of course though, the end is the REAL kicker. We've waited and waited and FINALLY BYRKE DELIVERED! THE BLIND BANDIT IS BACK! FUCKING TOPH BEIFONG IS BACK! Everything about this moment was amazing, especially considering Toph once asked Aang if he believed friendships could last more than one lifetime. The emotion, the way Byrke handled PTSD, the storytelling, the soundtrack, and just...TOPH! This was a texbook example of a masterpiece episode.

#2. Enter The Void/Venom of The Red Lotus, Book 3, Chapter 12 and 13
"Avatar Korra, I vow that we will do everything in our power to follow in your footsteps and bring harmony to the world."

THE BOOK 3 FINALE! I put these two episode together because they're all a part of one big thing...And they were release together as a 40 minute episode...But HOLY SHIT! Coming off a brutal episode, I had high hopes and Byrke delivered. We witnessed as the team put together an elaborate plan to rescue the Airbenders which led to some exciting action as Korra, Lin, Suyin and her army, along with Tonraq fought against Zaheer and P'Li. Meanwhile we witnessed the complete destruction of the Air Temple, but on the bright side, LAVABENDING FOR BOLIN! Oh...And Zaheer learned how to fly. But everything about the finale was amazing from its battles, the music, and how dire things felt as Korra fought against Zaheer in the sky while fighting for her life. So much excitement came from this episode, though it ended on the most bittersweet note possible. A broken and torn Korra. The emotion felt in the final scene was just...Wow. Seeing Jinora get her tattoos and resembling Aang...But poor Korra ;A; This finale just had everything and there's a reason why its #2 on my list.

Honorable Mentions

Welcome to Republic City, Book 1, Chapter 1
And The Winner Is...?, Book 1, Chapter 6
Turning The Tides. Book 1, Chapter 10
Rebirth. Book 3, Chapter 2
The Terror Within. Book 3, Chapter 8
The Calling. Book 4, Chapter 4

#1. Day of The Colossus/The Last Stand, Book 4, Chapter 12 and 13
"I know I was in a pretty dark place after I was poisoned, but I finally understand why I had to go through all of that. I needed to understand what true suffering was, so I could become more compassionate. Even to people like Kuvira."

THIS is how you do a series finale! EVERYTHING about this was exciting! The teamwork between Team Avatar and everyone was incredible as they took on Kuvira's giant mech and her spirit weapon. This felt like a whole A+ blockbuster film to me as we watched that thing tear Republic City apart with that laser and everyone battle to take it down. There was action, there was drama, and even love "Zhu Li Moon, will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?" Sacrifice even as we saw Hiroshi and Asami reconcile and work together..Only for Hiroshi to kick the bucket, though not in vain. Everyone got a part here and just...WOW! Everything about this episode drew me in from start to finish and it ended on the most beautiful note possible. Spoilers...If you didn't know already, but KORRASAMI! I was actually happy they chose to push for LGBT representation as they decided to end with Korra and Asami entering a romantic relationship in the best way possible. First bisexual characters I've ever seen on Nick actually. Everything about the final 9 minutes was just beautiful, from Korra and Kuvira in the spirit world, Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding, and the legendary Korrasami moment. Hell I'm even happy they gave Korra and Tenzin one last touching moment. Just everything about this is what a series finale and I was so proud to be a part of such an amazing experience. The action, the team work, the romance, the drama, the soundtrack, and even the humor. I will never forget this series.

So yeah that's my Top 10 Korra episodes!

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